What is the best hearing aid

So many of my patients tend to ask me the same question:

“ What is the best hearing aid?”

The answer to that question is very complicated.

The simple answer is; there is no single “best” hearing aid. There is, however, a best choice for you, your lifestyle, and your specific hearing challenges. Every manufacturer— Siemens, Oticon, Resound, Widex, Phonak, and has great technology. Great technology is no longer the challenge.

Finding the right technology for each patient is where we come in. To define which one is right for an individual, we must consider many factors including, for example, ease of use and a patient’s dexterity. Will this person be able to easily change batteries? How much connectivity does that patient want with other devices such as phones or TVs? Most importantly, how much speech does this particular device clarify for that particular patient. Just as every person is different, so every hearing loss is also different. Every brain is different. Every patient’s sensory issues are different.

We match you with the best technology in the best device for your brain and your life. So, as you see, that’s more complicated than you might think. It’s also why we have stayed family owned and independent for 50 years in this industry. We love to get to know our patients and offer them all an improved quality of life.

We are eager to help, so we also offer a try-before-you-buy plan, and financing. We want to make it easy and painless. We work differently, and that’s why our patients keep coming back to us. This is a quality of life decision.

Make an appointment. Come see and, even better, hear for yourself!

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