T-coil now in both sides of Insio micon binaural custom instruments

Siemens continually strives to provide hearing instrument wearers the best performance in all environments.  Insio™ is the first custom hearing instrument family to offer micon technology with the most comprehensive collection of  industry features including 48 processing channels, 250 million instructions per second, 12kHz bandwidth, tinnitus therapy functionality, wireless connectivity, faster feedback cancelation and natural sound quality.

Also popular for connectivity is the t-coil for use with telephone or looped environments.

INSIO micon
Engineered for absolute discretion and comfort.
Introducing Insio micon, a full line of micon custom ITE products with a new design, smaller instruments, including a new IIC, and wireless down to a tiny CIC. Based on the wearer’s audiogram, the new Siemens modeling software calculates and builds the optimal shape and size of the vent, achieving the same acoustical performance of a larger vent in less space. An optimal vent size and shape minimizes occlusion and feedback, while providing the highest wearing comfort. The new technology and construction of Insio with micon, wearers will have unparalleled speech clarity and natural sound.

Insio. Live your individuality.

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