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Siemens Micon is the most successful launch of any product we have ever had. This is a hearing aid that has everything dispensing audiologists and hearing aid specialists have asked for.   Patients are loving it! Siemens has manufactured a product that has every feature you could want, need ,or desire in a hearing aid.   The problems we have been dealing with for years simply don’t exist anymore.  NO FEEDBACK,  Incredible noise reduction,  Bluetooth connectivity, recharge ability, and the best sound quality!  Give us a call and make an appointment to try Micon by Siemens.  You won’t be disappointed.


Elissa Sorkowitz Lejeune

Hearing Aid Specialist BC-HIS


Elissa Sorkowitz Lejeune

Hearing aid specialist BC-HIS



About the Product:

Because the future belongs to Soundability – when speech intelligibility is perfectly balanced with sound quality.  

Siemens micon is the new platform behind Siemens BestSound Technology. For the first time, a wearer can forget that they are hearing through a hearing instrument. With micon’s natural sound and sophisticated, personalized functions wearers experience the joy of hearing effortlessly, in any soundscape. 

Siemens micon has more processing power, more channels, and more bandwidth.  Siemens micon takes Soundability to a RADICAL new level:

  • 18 million transistors 
  • 250 million instructions per second 
  • 48 channels with frequency resolution 
  • 12 kHz frequency range 

So clear and comfortable, wearers may forget they have hearing aids.   Higher resolution and improved algorithms offer the most natural, personalized and comfortable sound on the market with unprecedented clarity. 

The siemens micon delivers the most comprehensive combination of the industry’s leading features:

  • Optimised directionality
  • New frequency compression capability
  • More effective digital noise reduction
  • Faster feedback cancellation
  • More precise frequency shaping
  • 6 adjustbale environments in one program

The micon Experience 

The breakthrough innovations in Siemens micon BestSound Technology provide an amplification system that maps the acoustic world into the wearer’s limited dynamic range providing excellent sound quality that maintains the richness of surrounding soundscapes. Siemens micon’s three key features: miSoundmiFocus, and miGuide combine seamlessly to create the industry’s most advanced and individual hearing experience.

miSound. Sound so natural that wearers may forget they have hearing aids. 

miSound  provides excellent sound quality while maintaining the richness of sounds in the world. miSound delivers personalized amplification preserving natural acoustics:

  • Fitting formula offers exceptional clarity and sound comfort without sacrificing audibility
  • Amplification for sound up to 12 kHz for more brilliant and natural sound quality
  • Faster and smarter feedback cancellation avoids acoustic feedback and distortion even in the most critical situations
  • Intelligently combines the advantages of both fast and slow compression to perfectly capture speech, music, and other sound scenarios
  • Real-time evaluation of the incoming sound in each channel generates the most natural and comfortable sound possible

miFocus. Wearers hear better with less effort in the most demanding environments. 

miFocus combines automatic and adaptive microphones with excellent noise reduction even in the most difficult soundscapes. miFocus is a powerful automatic system that optimizes micon’s 48-channel adaptive directional TwinMic system and makes hearing effortless again:.

  • High frequency resolution optimizes directivity for all frequencies of the directional microphones 
  • Directional speech enhancement reduces listening effort and strain and more readiness to engage and interact 
  • Optional frequency compression improves speech audibility—even in challenging audiometric configurations 
  • Optimizes effectiveness of directional microphones by tracking and suppressing different noise sources 
  • Directional speech enhancement suppresses all noise from multiple directions—simultaneously 

miGuide. Automatically adapts and constanly learns the wearer’s preferences. 

miGuide reliably detects acoustic situations and smoothly adapts the frequency response and feature settings to how the wearer prefers to hear. miGuideprovides dedicated and more precise frequency shaping for truly personalized sound:

  • Ease of listening from the first fit with optimal audibility and speech intelligibility phased in comfortably
  • Intuitively learns, adapts, and adjusts gain according to the wearer’s preferences
  • Automatic situation detection for 6 different listening environments:
  • Quiet
  • Speech in quiet
  • Speech in noise
  • Noise
  • Music
  • Car

Siemens micon is available in four BTE’s:

  • Siemens Ace micon – the tiniest, most discreet RIC in the industry, wireless, tinnitus control
  • Siemens Pure micon – the small advanced and rechargable RIC suitable for up to severe hearing loss, wireless, tinnitus control
  • Siemens Life micon – the ideal discreet and stylish open-fit solution, wireless, tinnitus control.
  • Siemens Aquaris micon – robust, watreproof, dustproof and shock resistant wireless, tinnitus control.



Siemens Micon Performance Level Comparison

Siemens micon combines the best features—some of which are hearing industry benchmarks—with proven BestSound Technology.  The result is exceptional clarity and sound comfort.


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