Siemens Hearing Aid Wearers Share Their Experiences

Siemens Hearing Aid Wearers Share Their Experiences

Real people. Real stories.

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Professional football player Reed Doughty shares his experiences with Siemens hearing aids

Reed Doughty

Siemens Aquaris waterproof hearing aids enable professional football player Reed Doughty to play the game and inspire others.

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Kristle Cowan speaking about her Aquaris hearing aids

Kristle Cowan

Kristle Cowan benefits from Aquaris waterproof hearing aids, allowing her to participate on the school swim team.

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Aquaris - Lydia King

Lydia King

Lydia is a 14-year-old from North Carolina. She lives at the beach and loves watersports. Aquaris waterproof hearing aids allow her to hear in water.

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Aquaris - Susan Kladitis

Susan Kladitis

Susan works as a customer service representative at a local bank. She likes kayaking, boating, and fishing. For her life on the water, she wears Siemens Aquaris hearing aids.

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Aquaris - Kirsty Swain

Kirsty Swain

Kirsty, finalist from the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance, talks about how Siemens AquarisTM with miniTek® allows her to lead an active lifestyle despite hearing loss.

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Aquaris - Gary Ranck

Gary Ranck

Gary had nothing but trouble with hearing aids due to his heavy perspiration from his favorite hobbies of staining glass and woodwork. But Gary learned of Siemens Aquaris, and now gary lives without restrictions.

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Patty Koele Testimonial of Pure Hearing Aids

Patty Koele

Patty Koele will never miss out again with her Siemens Pure hearing aids and miniTek accessory.

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Greg Van Dell Testimonial

Greg Van Dell

Greg Van Dell’s Pure hearing aids are music to his ears. As a guitarist and avid music lover, Siemens Pure was the perfect choice for him.

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Pure - Tom Wertman

Tom Wertman

Tom is a proud parent and works as a regional manager for a dairy company. With Pure® and miniTek he found a solution that matches his lifestyle.

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Pure - Clayton Freeman

Clayton Freeman

Clayton, a tech-savvy teenager, has hearing loss, but with Siemens Pure and Tek® he can hear normally and can use his mobile devices.

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Pure - Stephen Franklin


Stephen Franklin

Stephen Franklin is a lead engineer who will never miss a rocket launch with Siemens Pure hearing aids.

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Motion - Lary Crum

Larry Crum

Larry is a long-time minister from Michigan. He is an avid hunter and enjoys the great outdoors. But, at only 35, he noticed he had hearing loss. Hear how happy he is with his Siemens Motion® 701 hearing aids.

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Rocky Johnson Video Testimonial

Rocky Johnson

As a sales executive with a very active personal life, Rocky needed something discrete & mobile. He found this, and tinnitus therapy, with Siemens Eclipse hearing aids.

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