Dr. Mel says- Digital Technology

My Grandson, who is now in our practice, pointed out to me the other day that the digital technology age has changed the world more than the invention of the printing press.

Digital technology has certainly changed , for the better, the way hearing enhancement products are manufactured and dispensed. Here is our take on the subject:

In about 1995 two Danish manufacturers, Widex and Oticon introduced digital hearing aids into the United States market with great fanfare and positive media exposure . Suddenly the underserved hearing impaired, technologically deprived patients began demanding this new innovative technology and our industry blossomed.

As a result , sales, prices and patient satisfaction increased and the manufacturers, hearing care professionals and last but not least the patients began benefitting from this new technology. Suddenly , hearing aid prices at the wholesale level increased substantially and prices to the consumers increased as well. The manufacturers became more profitable and began developing even better hearing aids and “economic Darwinism” left many of the smaller manufacturers unable to compete rendering analog hearing aids obsolete.

Unfortunately, ” corporate greed” kicked in about this time and the manufacturers began to buy up retail dispensing offices to exclusively dispense their products. This worked to the detriment of the independent hearing professional because it became very difficult to compete with the suppliers of hearing aids and have access to all of the latest technology so that the end user , the patient, could have access to all of t he latest technology available.

It’s been a challenge, but we at the Royal Palm hearing Aid Centers, have managed to stay autonomous and are one of the only fully independent hearing aid dispensing facilities in the area beholden to no one manufacturer and able to dispense and service all of the products available on the market .

So, with this. Information and coupled with our innovative ” try before you buy no obligation policy” please rest assured that you can avail yourself of our services and benefit from a totally unbiased evaluation of your hearing lifestyle needs in a totally relaxed no pressure environment at one of our convenient modern offices.

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