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The goal of our “Ask an Expert” column is to get your questions answered by the people who are in the know—experienced, successful hearing practice owners, practitioners, and others who have first-hand knowledge about the business of hearing care.

Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune, HIS BC-HIS
Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune is a licensed hearing instrument specialist (HIS), and a partner in the highly successful, family-owned Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center in Florida. She has worked in the hearing care industry for more than 25 years, in all aspects of private practice, and also has hands-on experience in hearing instrument manufacturing. She has worked closely with all the major hearing instrument manufacturers and suppliers over the years, and continues to stay abreast of the latest available hearing aid technology.

As a private practice owner, how can I differentiate myself from the ‘Big Box’ retailers like Costco? Do I need to change both how my practice operates and also how I market the practice in my community?

It’s remarkable how many people go to Costco to buy hearing aids. It’s here to stay, for sure. What you need to understand is that the average user buys at Costco, or ‘Big Box’ one time. I’m not exaggerating when I say that almost on a daily basis someone comes in who has bought at a Big Box store and is ready for the next step. Obviously, hearing deficits do not go away–they continue to deteriorate and get worse. Big Box stores are what I call “a training bra.” Honestly, this is the same way I feel about PSAPs. Each of these is essentially “a training bra” for a longterm problem. Luckily, people get smart and realize they need more support, and more customization in their hearing care. Those people who buy from Costco can still become your clients.

The way to differentiate yourself from Big Box retailers like Costco is to take these people under your wing and make them understand that hearing loss is a longterm health issue that needs ongoing customized care. Explain to them the way that you work from the beginning. You are with them every step of the way in their hearing journey. That means personalization of their particular problem. You are giving them back quality of life with connectivity and personalization.

Answers to your questionsOne thing I can tell you for certain after being in the hearing industry my entire life, is that there is no particular solution that is the same for any patient. I see each of my patients at least every three months for adjustments, cleaning, and tweaking. I explain to them that 95% of the time that when their hearing aids are not working, it’s wax.

Letting your patients know that you are going to take care of their equipment perpetually is key to their success as users. Service is the key and the lifeline of your practice. Don’t let your patients go a day without hearing as much as possible–this commitment to care that is personalized to each individual is how you can win in the age of the “Big Box” retail giants.

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Your Hearing Potential and Demystifying Hearing

Your Hearing Potential and Demystifying Hearing

With so much confusion in advertising in our industry its often difficult to make decisions when searching for the correct amplification. I wanted to write about the way we do things in our practice to take the pressure off and ease your mind before you come in for a visit.
Number one, we want everyone to walk in relaxed and with an open mind. We are NOT sales people. We like to get to know our patients and find out about your lifestyle. We will discuss things such as dexterity, vision and communicative skills. We will test and evaluate your hearing, of course. We will match you with the correct and best technology to specifically meet your needs. 

At our practice, we allow our patients to experience their hearing potential with the latest products from our manufacturers. We represent all of what is referred to as the “big six”: Siemens, Resound, Oticon, Widex, Starkey, and Phonak. Most hearing aid providers aren’t able to do this. We are extremely proud that we have been able to stay independent. We make strides to ensure our pricing is less expensive than the stores owned by the manufactures themselves. 
Hearing is very much like a fingerprint, no one is the same because we all have different brains.  We believe in customization.  Come in so you can believe too.  It’s why we offer “Try before you buy” on all of our products.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.   

Experience your hearing potential.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Elissa & The Royal Palm Hearing Aid Centers family
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Siemens Hearing Aid Wearers Share Their Experiences

Siemens Hearing Aid Wearers Share Their Experiences

Real people. Real stories.

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miniTek. One touch. Endless possibilities. -Siemens

miniTek - with Pure micon

One touch. Endless possibilities.

miniTek™ is everything you want from a wireless solution and more. It is an automatic streamer. An intuitive remote control. It syncs all your high-tech gadgets with your hearing instruments, and connects you to multiple devices simultaneously. miniTek is your link to the richest listening experience possible. At the touch of a button.



  • Remote control and streamer in one small and stylish device
  • Transmits audio signals to both ears in true stereo
  • Works with all Siemens wireless hearing instruments
  • Siemens offers the only wireless solutions with miniTek and Tek that supports CICs (Completely-In-the-Canal)
  • Discreet and convenient one-touch operation


  • Connects numerous audio devices with your hearing instruments
  • Multipoint system works with two phones at once
  • Connects two transmitters simultaneously
  • Communicates with nearly all Bluetooth® wireless devices
  • Supports 3rd party Bluetooth® wireless transmitters
  • Additional connectivity with DAI plug and T-Coil
“The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Siemens AG is under licenses. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.”
miniTek - man with miniTek