Is there a cure for tinnitus

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

Since tinnitus is really a symptom of another condition, be it sensorineural hearing loss or circulatory disorder, it can only improve if the underlying problem is treated successfully. However, for millions of sufferers, the condition causing the tinnitus cannot be identified or is not curable itself. In these cases treating the symptom directly or learning to live with the irritating sound may be the only tinnitus remedy.

Some tinnitus treatment options include the following:

  • Reduce dosages of medications known to cause tinnitus (or eliminate them entirely, if possible)
  • Have excessive earwax removed by a hearing care professional
  • Sleep with a white noise generator in the room to counter the ringing or buzzing in your ears
  • Take medications to alleviate stress and anxiety brought on by tinnitus

Many tinnitus patients benefit from wearing hearing aids.

Tinnitus therapy hearing aids divert attention away from the disturbing tinnitus sounds. They make it easier to listen to external sounds instead of permanently concentrating on annoying internal sounds. The sound emitted by the hearing aids draws focus away from the tinnitus.

Hyperacusis relief.

Hyperacusis is when certain environmental sounds are perceived as painfully loud. Thanks to their flexible programming, some Siemens hearing aids can be used for hyperacusis treatment and provide comfort to the wearer.

The tinnitus feature in Siemens BestSound Technology has many advanced features.

The improved tinnitus therapy that comes with Siemens BestSound® Technology includes:

  • Separate therapy signal generator
  • 4 pre-programmed therapy signals: white noise, pink noise, speech noise, and high-tone noise
  • Individual fine tuning of tinnitus therapy signal in all channels
  • Three operating modes: microphone only signal, tinnitus therapy signal only, mixed mode

Siemens hearing aids with the tinnitus therapy feature can be used as hearing aids alone or in combination with a tinnitus therapy signal. Using Ace™Pure®Carat™Aquaris™Siemens Life™, Insio™Nitro® or Orion™ for tinnitus therapy, you can choose from four different therapy signals. Your hearing care professional can fine-tune the therapy signal so that can be precisely set to suit you. It diverts attention from the annoying effects of tinnitus and makes it easier to focus on external sounds—reducing strain and helping provide a more peaceful state of mind.