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Starkey Hearing Technologies Introduces Halo MFi

TruLink_phone and aidStarkey Hearing Technologies, Minneapolis, Minn, has introduced Halo™, a Made for iPhone® (MFi) hearing aid engineered to be compatible with iPhone, iPad®, and iPod® touch. The Halo hearing aid is designed to provide the more than 26 million Americans with untreated hearing loss a new discreet option that seamlessly connects with Apple devices.

Available March 31, Halo combines Starkey’s hearing aid technology with iOS to deliver a  new hearing solution that makes every aspect of life better —from conversations to phone calls to listening to music. Halo will connect with the TruLink™ Hearing Control app, which is available as a free download in the App StoreSM.

“Halo brings what people love about Starkey hearing aids to anyone who suffers from hearing loss,” says Dave Fabry, vice president of Audiology and Professional Services for Starkey Hearing Technologies. “Halo delivers new standards of performance and personalization, while providing convenient control and connectivity to iOS devices.”

Building on iOS features that let you do everyday things like making phone and FaceTime® calls, listening to music and using Siri®, Halo takes advantage of TruLink technology and compatible iOS devices to meet the needs of today’s demanding and tech-savvy consumers. In addition to seamless integration with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Halo hearing aids are also standalone hearing aids that are reportedly packed with best-in-class performance features, including feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management, and directionality.

Siemens Hearing Aid Wearers Share Their Experiences

Siemens Hearing Aid Wearers Share Their Experiences

Real people. Real stories.

Siemens hearing aids helped



Professional football player Reed Doughty shares his experiences with Siemens hearing aids

Reed Doughty

Siemens Aquaris waterproof hearing aids enable professional football player Reed Doughty to play the game and inspire others.

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Kristle Cowan speaking about her Aquaris hearing aids

Kristle Cowan

Kristle Cowan benefits from Aquaris waterproof hearing aids, allowing her to participate on the school swim team.

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Aquaris - Lydia King

Lydia King

Lydia is a 14-year-old from North Carolina. She lives at the beach and loves watersports. Aquaris waterproof hearing aids allow her to hear in water.

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Aquaris - Susan Kladitis

Susan Kladitis

Susan works as a customer service representative at a local bank. She likes kayaking, boating, and fishing. For her life on the water, she wears Siemens Aquaris hearing aids.

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Aquaris - Kirsty Swain

Kirsty Swain

Kirsty, finalist from the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance, talks about how Siemens AquarisTM with miniTek® allows her to lead an active lifestyle despite hearing loss.

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Aquaris - Gary Ranck

Gary Ranck

Gary had nothing but trouble with hearing aids due to his heavy perspiration from his favorite hobbies of staining glass and woodwork. But Gary learned of Siemens Aquaris, and now gary lives without restrictions.

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Patty Koele Testimonial of Pure Hearing Aids

Patty Koele

Patty Koele will never miss out again with her Siemens Pure hearing aids and miniTek accessory.

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Greg Van Dell Testimonial

Greg Van Dell

Greg Van Dell’s Pure hearing aids are music to his ears. As a guitarist and avid music lover, Siemens Pure was the perfect choice for him.

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Pure - Tom Wertman

Tom Wertman

Tom is a proud parent and works as a regional manager for a dairy company. With Pure® and miniTek he found a solution that matches his lifestyle.

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Pure - Clayton Freeman

Clayton Freeman

Clayton, a tech-savvy teenager, has hearing loss, but with Siemens Pure and Tek® he can hear normally and can use his mobile devices.

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Pure - Stephen Franklin


Stephen Franklin

Stephen Franklin is a lead engineer who will never miss a rocket launch with Siemens Pure hearing aids.

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Motion - Lary Crum

Larry Crum

Larry is a long-time minister from Michigan. He is an avid hunter and enjoys the great outdoors. But, at only 35, he noticed he had hearing loss. Hear how happy he is with his Siemens Motion® 701 hearing aids.

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Rocky Johnson Video Testimonial

Rocky Johnson

As a sales executive with a very active personal life, Rocky needed something discrete & mobile. He found this, and tinnitus therapy, with Siemens Eclipse hearing aids.

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CBS 12’s Extraordinary People: Spotlight on Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center in Boca Raton

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.55.35 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.55.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.54.46 PMCBS 12’s Extraordinary People: Spotlight on Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center in Boca Raton – Click here for full story and video

Story By: Michele Wright / CBS 12 News
BOCA RATON, Fla.– Every Friday during our 5 p.m. newscast, CBS 12 is proud to spotlight good people doing extraordinary things for others and our South Florida community. This week we continue by introducing you to a very special group of people making a difference in Boca Raton at Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center. The miracle of hearing caught on camera. And it all started with Sondra Sorkowitz, picking up the phone and reaching out to help.

Sondra Sorkowitz, Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist, Geriatric Care Manager
I was working on my computer for my business. I took a break and turned on the TV and there was CBS 12 and you (Michele) were interviewing Michael.

Michael is homeless in Palm Beach County and has received support from Helping Hands Assistance Program.

Sondra: I thought right away he had deaf speech

Sondra works at Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center in Boca. Owned and operated with her husband Mel since 1985. The entire team specializes in audiology and speech pathology utilizing state-of-the-art digital hearing equipment to help patients.

Sondra: And you asked Michael what would you like to have? It was a Hunger Relief story so I thought he would talk about food. He said I need a job, I want to work and would like to have hearing aids

She jumped out of her chair & called the station.

Sondra: I said I just saw a segment on CBS 12 and it was so great. Michael said he needed hearing aids. And we’re going to give him hearing aids.

Not only did they donate 2 hearing aids to Michael, they gave him so much more. His confidence and his life back. This after feeling isolated and being unable to communicate. Today thanks to the caring staff, he is a new man…his spirits lifted…on his way to a brighter future. Elissa, is a board certified hearing aid specialist.

Elissa Sorkowitz Lejeune, HAS. BC-HIS- “Volume control…you’re going to hear sounds like that…can you hear that?”
Michael: Oh yes
Elissa: And now you’ll hear when it’s going louder
Michael: Oh that’s better oh that’s really good
Elissa: This is going to be perfect for you because they fit you great which is what we wanted

With over 20 years experience, Bob Scheppske is a board certified hearing aid at the practice. The entire team, providing some TLC & treatment after several unsuccessful ear surgeries. Our cameras capturing every moment & the miracle of a patient finally hearing after 15 years.

Bob: It’s resetting to your comfort level ok? We’re gonna hook him back up and run a few more tests. 10 12, yeps 10 12, were going to change the configuration and rerun the test
Michael: (It’s) like a new world. ((laugh)) I love you guys for what you’ve done.

Mel Sorkowitz is the doctor of audiology in their 2 offices in both west and east Boca Raton. He’s extremely proud of the business, vision, and the specialized treatment they provide for the hearing impaired.

Dr. Mel Sorkowitz, Doctor of Audiology: Hopefully we’ve been able to be a life-changer or hope to be a life changer for Michael’s life. He’s a very intelligent guy. He’s well motivated. He hears beautifully with his hearing instruments and he wants to get back into a career path. If we can help in anyway, that’s our pleasure believe me. It’s like anything else, the earlier we can fix these problems the more success we will eventually have

The team wasn’t finished with their generosity, they had another surprise in store for Michael after being fitting with his new hearing aids. An appointment with stylist, Paul Ferraro of Paul Ferraro Tanning & Hair Salon in Boca Raton who cut, styled his hair and fitted Michael with some new clothes. They tell me their next goal is to help him get a job. Michael used to work in theater. Sondra tells me the reason she did this is because when you give back, you get so much in return.

Sondra: There’s so much everybody can do to help somebody else.When anybody has the opportunity to do this…it’s the best thing you can do

We hope you’ll be inspired by this wonderful local story. Continuing globally we will all celebrateWorld Humanitarian Day, this Sunday Aug. 19th. So be sure to get out in your community, give back in anyway you can with your time and talents and be the change you wish to see in the world. By doing so, you’ll inspire others to do the same. Reporting in studio Michele Wright CBS 12 News.